Lincoln Center GATHER Mini Doc

Lincoln Center The Green Mini Doc

Set designer Mimi Lien shares how she created The Green on the Lincoln Center campus for summer 2021. This mini documentary was commissioned by Lincoln Center.

The Horse and The Goat, An Interview with Milton Glaser

The Costa Rica International Design Festival asked La Moutique's Catalina Kulczar + Juan Miguel Marin to interview the legendary Milton Glaser, as part of the festival's final evening of speakers.Festival attendees submitted questions, and the following is an interview where Milton Glaser responds to three of these questions.More at

Field Notes / Outdoor Dances For This 21st Century

In the middle of a global pandemic, Choreographer Catherine Galasso and her team create a dance performance in just six days, and perform to sold-out and socially distanced audiences at PS 21 in Chatham, New York, September 2020.

When We Paused

A visual essay of my neighborhood (Greenpoint, Brooklyn, USA) during the darkest days of the pandemic spring, 2020.Shot on 16mm film.

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