Lindsay Lindsey Lyndsey 

Three childhood friends reunite and are unmoored — and disarmed — by each other’s developed sense of identity. 

Lindsay Lindsey Lyndsey is a new short film about queer, triangular friendship, and how who we are is both individually and communally informed.Lindsay Lindsey Lyndsey was made by a group of trans, female, and queer filmmakers. An impressionistic film told in vignettes, the short’s individual scenes build on one another to offer a collage of dynamic friendship — its ongoing feuds, beating hearts, and unraveling tethers. 

 Cast and Crew Director | Claire Mathiot 

 Producer and Screenwriter | Billy McEntee 

 Lindsay | Dan Kuan Peeples 

 Lindsey | Cam Cronin 

 Lyndsey | Daphne Overbeck 

Associate Producer and Assistant 

Director | Priyanka Krishnan 

 Director of Photography | Catalina Kulczar 

 Costume Design | Rodrigo Hernandez Martinez 

Editor | Laura Karpas 

 Original Music | Daniel Lazour 

Choreographer | Kevin Shotwell 

 Assistant Camera | Jack Miles 

 Colorist | Jake White 

 Production Sound Mixer, Supervising Sound Editor | Simon Guzman

Hair and Makeup | Brianna Ashley Chin 

 Gaffer | Sawyer Gaunt 

 Grip | Evan Wilkins 

 Content Editor and Credits Designer | Jordan Best 

 Clarinet | Sam Myers 

 Credits Vocalists | Sarah Goldstein, Sami Ma, Daphne Overbeck

Can Love Hate

Cast: Kelli Giddish & Lesley Ligthelm
Director: Lesley Ligthelm
DP: Catalina Kulczar
Producer: Nicole Townsend
Performance Director: Mary Carl
Production Design: Katie Wittenburg
Hair and Make Up: Brianna Chin
AC: Jack Miles
Gaffer: Sawyer Gaunt
Grip: Evan Wilkins
Sound: Rob Douthat
PA: Olivia Schmidt
VFX: Sean Joseph
Sound Design: Conor Hibbler
Titles: La Moutique
Music: 'Missed Memories' by Luke Atencio
Special Thanks: Kin Studio, Green-Wood Cemetery

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