photo by Dayoco Estudio

Catalina's course, Portrait Photography: Capturing Authenticity is currently available in Spanish & English via Domestika, the word's largest and most influential Spanish-speaking community for creative professionals.

In addition, Catalina Kulczar travels the world for her hands-on, intimate portrait photography workshops, and is currently available to teach the following, either in English or in Spanish:

Zero to Three helps photographers create images in outdoor settings using various modifiers to control the light, as well as one, two and three lights in an indoor studio setting. This workshop is best suited for those who might feel intimidated using strobes, and those looking to create portraits with more than small flashes.

Prisms & Household Objects shows students how to create experimental and engaging portraits using prisms and everyday objects. This workshop is suited for those who are curious and want to experiment!

Both workshops can be customized for small, intimate groups of 6-8 students over the course of one day, or up to 15 students over the course of two days.

To book a workshop & for more information, email

photo by Dayoco Estudio

photo by Jordan Owen

Zero to Three workshop, Centro de La Imagen, Lima, Perú

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